Puppy Day Care
Puppy Day Care
This is an excellent service for people who are at work all day and do not want to leave their puppy alone for too long as puppies need social interaction and stimulation in order to avoid behavioural problems later on. 

Each visit to your puppy lasts for one hour during which time I play with your puppy (after you have shown me her/his favorite toys).  

I also give your puppy a lot of affection and cuddles and prepare her/his lunch.  Of course, I will also give your puppy some of her/his favorite treats during my visit.  

And last but not least I will clear up any "accidents" which may have occurred.  Provided your puppy has been fully vaccinated I can take her/him for a short walk in the park and then bring her/him home.

Please note that the Kennel Club website recommends a ratio of 5 minutes exercise per month of age, twice a day, so as not to cause early arthritis. So for a 12 week old puppy that would mean a walk of 15 minutes twice a day in order to prevent early joint problems.  So please don't over exercise your puppy no matter how lively they appear to be!