Ealing Dog Walking And Cat Sitting Service provides the best care for your pet!

Cat Sitting

I understand that cats need as much attention as dogs in their own way.  Although they may appear to be very independent they are still companion animals and require a great deal of affection and attention.  

I therefore spend at least half an hour on each visit.   Longer can be spent upon request.   Special diets can be catered for such as cooking fish or meat for your cat.  There will be time to play cuddle and talk to your cat and keep her/him company on the long days while you are away. I realise it is not sufficient to simply put the food down for the cat to eat.  You will be informed of all your cat’s activities and wellbeing by daily texts/email.

Litter trays are emptied and cleaned where necessary.  Fresh water is provided every day along with fresh food.  Your cat’s dishes are washed and cleaned every day.  Any accidents are cleaned up.  Plants can be watered upon request.  post taken in, rubbish left out, curtains drawn/undrawn and lights switched on/off. If you wish I can put some fresh milk in your fridge and leave fresh bread for your return.